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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to get started with QucsStudio?
    1) Watch the videos on this homepage.
    2) Read the program help (F1 key) and the tutorial by Gunthard Kraus.
    3) Test the example schematics from this homepage.
    4) Modify the examples according to your needs.
  • Are there mailing lists, newsletters, forums etc about QucsStudio?
    Unfortunately, none of these exist. I don't have the time to create and to maintain them. However, reading the help of the application and studying the examples from this homepage should answer most of the questions.
  • Why are there two different projects: Qucs and QucsStudio?
    This situation isn't nice indeed. But at some point it wasn't possible anymore to reach an agreement about future developments of Qucs. That's why I left the Qucs project. After some time I went on programming on my own and QucsStudio was born.
  • Why are the help files of QucsStudio and Octave not displayed?
    When calling the application help (hotkey F1 or Shift+F1), on some systems a window opens with an error message. This problem can be solved by declaring the files as safe: Click with the right mouse button on QucsStudio\doc\qucs-en.chm and choose Properties. Now unlock the file in section Security. Do the same with QucsStudio\octave\octave-en.chm.