a free and powerful circuit simulator


Tutorial by Gunthard Kraus
contains an introduction as well as many examples and projects

Tutorials by Jose Manuel Campelo:
L Band Amplifier Design
L Band Oscillator Design, part 1
L Band Oscillator Design, part 2
contain complete introductions for designing RF circuits

Schaltungs-Simulation mit QucsStudio
lecture by Gunthard Kraus (DG8GB) at the amateur radio convention in Munich on 12th of March 2016

Article about QucsStudio
in book 2-2015 of UKW-Berichte, written by Gunthard Kraus (DG8GB)

RF simulation with QucsStudio, part 1...3
article serie in the magazine FUNKAMATEUR, edition 7/2014...9/2014

Amateurfunk 2014 - Software für den Funkamateur
QucsStudio on DVD

Die Schaltungssimulation QucsStudio von DD6UM
by Hubert Fink (DG7MGY), at 6th Gießener Amateurfunktreffen, February 2013

SPICE to QucsStudio via Qucs
by Brinson at MOSK-AK in March 2012

Verilog-a compact semiconductor device modelling and circuit macromodelling with the QucsStudio-ADMS "turn-key" modelling system
by Brinson and Margraf at MIXDES 2012