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Latest News

15th anniversary

May 2018

15 years ago the Qucs project started. Congratulations on the birthday!

Support section added

1st August 2016

This homepage now contains a list with tasks that are needed for the development of this project. Everybody who wants to help is called to have a look into the support section.

Result of feature survey published

1st March 2016

The feature survey has just been closed. The result can be seen here.

New tutorials available

16th February 2016

A tutorial by Jose Manuel Campelo is now ready to download. Gunthard Kraus also upgraded his tutorial on his homepage.

Tutorial V1.6 available

14th December 2015

version 1.6 of the german tutorial by Gunthard Kraus available. It now contains a chapter about Harmonic Balance simulations.

Feature survey started

7th December 2015

A survey has just started to find new features for the future development of QucsStudio. Please click here and take part!

New homepage

30th November 2015

A completely new design for this homepage has been released. Hopefully you like it.

Tutorial V1.5 available

6th November 2015

version 1.5 of the tutorial by Gunthard Kraus available

Russian tutorial available

2nd November 2015

Russian version of Gunthard Kraus tutorial available. Many thanks to Vladimir Gololobov.

Donation button installed

9th October 2015

PayPal button installed on this site. Please donate if you like QucsStudio.

Version 2.4.1 released

29th September 2015

QucsStudio version 2.4.1 released

Version 2.4.0 released

8th August 2015

QucsStudio version 2.4.0 released and homepage updated

Tutorial V1.3 available

19th July 2015

version 1.3 of the german tutorial and first english version by Gunthard Kraus available

Tutorial V1.2 available

23th June 2015

version 1.2 of the german tutorial by Gunthard Kraus available

Tutorial V1.1 available

24th April 2015

version 1.1 of the german tutorial by Gunthard Kraus available

Version 2.3.0 released

10th April 2015

QucsStudio version 2.3.0 released and examples updated

Tutorial available

25th February 2015

first version of the german tutorial by Gunthard Kraus available

Version 2.2.1

3rd January 2015

QucsStudio version 2.2.1 released and examples updated

Version 2.2.0

8th November 2014

QucsStudio version 2.2.0 released and examples updated

Version 2.1.2

6th September 2014

QucsStudio version 2.1.2 released

Version 2.1.1

24th May 2014

QucsStudio version 2.1.1 released

Version 2.1.0

24th March 2014

QucsStudio version 2.1.0 released

Version 2.0.0

20th January 2014

QucsStudio version 2.0.0 released and examples updated

Version 1.5.1 released

30th August 2013

QucsStudio version 1.5.1 released

Version 1.5.0 released

25th May 2013

QucsStudio version 1.5.0 released

10th anniversary

May 2013

10 years of Qucs development. Happy birthday!


First version released

1st February 2011

QucsStudio version 1.0.0 released