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Result of feature survey

Many thanks to all who participated in the feature survey of QucsStudio! The result can be seen below. The first column contains the number of people who requested the feature that is mentioned in the second column.

period:    7th December 2015 ... 1st March 2016

Number of participants:    21

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Most wanted list

5EM simulator
5real-time tuning of parameters using sliders
5new components: transformers (magnetic core, 3-phase, complex ratio, Laplace), power probe, lossy inductor & capacitor, C language block, interdigital capacitor
3improved circuit optimizer
2complete library of stripline components
2improve Harmonic Balance simulation, e.g. convergence
2Harmonic Balance simulation for oscillators including noise analysis
2improve simulation speed, use of several CPU cores
2all equation functions useable in diagrams and simulations
2import models with a SPICE-like format
2create component models from measurement values
1complete layout tool with DRC, LVS and PEX
1distributed components (e.g. microstrip lines) in PCB layouter
1improved Gerber viewer
1output operation points of non-linear components
1transient simulation of frequency domain devices
1convergence helper
1load-pull analysis
1worst-case simulation
1sensitivity analysis
1envelope simulation
1Z transform simulation
1new diagram: histogram
1color of graphs according to resistor color code
1marker values useable in equations
1use sliders to input values in equations
1sheet frame to contain filename and directory
1implementation of BSIM models
1implementation of all CMC models
1schematic symbols for VerilogA files
1extended VerilogA support (e.g. ddx() )
1different port types for digital subcircuits (e.g. std_logic)
1possibility to show underscore in graphic text
1more tolerant CSV import (semicolon as separator, first line as comment)
1give control to external programs (COM inteface)
1import of Qucs files
1forum for discussions

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