a free and powerful circuit simulator


A look on the application can be taken here:

DC analysis (2:47min)guidance in performing the most simple simulation
Introduction 1 (4:29min)about the first steps with the application
Introduction 2 (3:38min)about working with the application
a little example (7:14min)by Elias Monteiro
Subcircuits (6:42min)embedding of circuits into a parent schematic
Tuning (5:31min)shows how to change component values with sliders
Optimizing (8:32min)automated optimizing of a stub filter
QucsTransline (4:26min)the transmission line calculator


Click on the pictures to see them in original size.

schematic editor

DC bias shown within the schematic

optical telecommunication system


running Octave scripts

transmission line calculator

component designer

filter designer

attenuator designer

PCB layout with KiCAD