a free and powerful circuit simulator


Learn more about the application in some video introductions:

DC analysis (2:47min)guidance in performing the most simple simulation
Introduction 1 (4:29min)about the first steps with the application
Introduction 2 (3:38min)about working with the application
a little example (7:14min)by Elias Monteiro
Filter (5:32min)creating a 15th order Chebyshev lowpass filter
HB analysis (4:59min)demonstrate a Harmonic Balance simulation
Subcircuits (6:42min)embedding of circuits into a parent schematic
Tuning (5:31min)how to change component values with sliders
Optimizing (8:32min)automated optimizing of a stub filter
QucsTransline (4:26min)the transmission line calculator
Optimizer (10:36min)design of a diplexer using the circuit optimizer
EM simulation (15:54min)transfering a circuit automatically to a layout and performing an EM field simulation
EM simulation (12min)create layouts for EM field simulation
Presentation (36min)an extended introduction (Spanish)